Dhamma for Southern Province

"Ahanna (listen) Nirvana Dhamma" for Southern Province

"Ahanna (listen)" head office is in the Southern Province.  Because Mr. Kasun Chandana who is the founder of "Ahanna (listen)" is from Matara.  So, our first programs started from Matara.  "Ruhunu Sumaga Circle of Deaf" Supported us at the very beginning to spread the word as Kasun was the president there, and still do.  

Then we dived in to 3 main districts to make it easy for the Deaf friends to reach & organize.  They are Matara, Galle & Hambantota.  Even though the responsibility was so high and there were so much arrangements had to be done by our own self at the beginning, now things have changed thanks to the blessings of Triple Gem. Now, Main organizations in these district support us to arrange the event as now they are so keen on the event.  We held programs months after months according to the availability.  In this section you can know all about our programs and some captured moments & videos of the events.  

May this effort of ours heal more & more hearts in the world!