I was bored!

In my case I was so bored of being bored… that’s how I ended up by touching this amazing teaching!

The boredom I experienced was the question which drives me to THE answer! One of the turning point in my life was when I realized, that I was board of being so board!  I wanted an answer to my boredom… but I wasn’t a boring kid… I was adventurous as a kid… Sometimes I was too adventures for a girl.  I observe things so deeply as much as possible from the childhood… with all that what I found was that I am so bored of repetition.

I happen to observe my own life as a child. And then observed the others life styles.  Then I have noticed that most of us are doing the same thing again & again. 

We eat, sleep, refresh, in between we do the things for education and other things for living.  I was thinking about each subject one by one… as an example if take eating process…. We eat in the morning (breakfast), then the lunch, dinner and in between snacks.  I was wondering why we just can’t full our self only once and use it. 

But no, we are getting hungry and we need to overcome that pain.  So, it’s almost the same in every day.  So, I thought people are bored with this as much as I do and that’s why they are looking for some excitement in the food.

We care about the look of the food… We care about the tastes… We care about the recipes… We care about different style cuisines.  Even different styles of cooking… no matter what we do at the end of the day the result is the same.  We try to get rid from the boredom of eating process but we are still bored. 

So, I thought what is this… it’s so useless… it’s so useless to make such an effort on our food.  It’s meaningless to looking for a meaning through the food.  We eat just to get rid of the hungriness.  And that’s enough.  No need to have even the 3 meals if I am not hungry. 

In a way, I just give up on looking for excitement through the food. Then I felt happy.  And not bored coz as a child I began to enjoy the whole meaningless process of finding excitement through food by others.  Like watching a movie!

Then I realized that this is not only for the food… it’s for the cloths… education… jobs… marriage… every single thing which we practice as LIFE is nothing but just a meaningless repetition which is so boring. 

From birth to death… from dawn to dusk… from this life to another (if you believe on rebirth)… we are doing the same thing again & again… aren’t we?  I don’t know about you but I felt it in that way as a child… so my search being to get rid from this boredom!  I needed a proper solution which is far more exciting than the normal way. 

I felt that all of us are looking for some excitement in life just because we are so bored with all these things.   But seems like not everyone likely to be accept the fact of being bored.  So, I used to be bored and still I am with these things! I surely did many very exciting things in my life within this 34 years of my life, which compared to other girls in my age and family background and other circumstances. 

But nothing was so exciting for me as others claims that they have to be exciting… As I knew the reason somewhere in my heart, well I guess I am saved finally!  I know that I am not bored with what I am doing now with this life and I am actually experiencing the true excitement by revealing the unseen unheard hidden truth of my own self & this so called “world”!

So, as you see this was one of my question… one of my need which drives me to the answer… which drives me to realize the essence of pure deep Buddhist teachings!

But now when I am not bored at all, other people finding me as a boring person! Ha... ha… Bad for them, isn’t it?