The Magical Fire Ring

The Magical Fire Ring

Look at the picture & video given below.  What you see.  Some fire dancers with their fire rings.  Look at them carefully.  


When they are moving the fire balls fast, you see a one nice fire ring which is so attractive.  If you are not aware about the basic structure of the fire ring which it is not moving, you can be deceive by thinking that they are moving a real fire ring.  Because what you can see there is a nicely moving fire ring... But you have to observe and know how it's created... 

"How can you see the Fire Ring... think about the theory behind... Is there a Fire Ring? or Is there only a process of fire balls moving fast round & round which created the illusion of fire ring on & on?"

Before they are moving those fire balls, it's just a collection of fire balls which fixed to some bars and the dancers are moving them like a circle and that cause to give the effect of fire ring as a one whole ring.  Isn't it?  Then the fire ring appear like it was there all day long... Imagine, if one get deceived by the fire ring as a real one?  what will happen to that person?  

This is what's happening with our lives at this very moment too!  

So, what is real?  How you define real?  If a kid doesn't know about this theory of a fire ring, kid may ask you to buy a fire ring which the fire dancers are moving around & around, is there any fire ring available to buy?  If you explain your kid that they are not moving a ring but few fire balls which gives the effect when it moving fast etc… etc…

And if you explain the theory to the kid what if the kid doesn't understand it?  The kid still believes the dancers are moving a one big fire ring.  And the kid attracted to the ring and he seeks such a ring to make his own property too.

That's the same way everything created every single moment in our lives.  Like a kid we can't accept the truth happening with us.  But there is a moment for everyone.  Sooner or later this can be realized!  

Till then keep in touch with the noble ones who can explain you the depth of what you experience as reality!