Acceptance and the Attachments

According to the way we accept things the attachments arise. When the attachments arise here comes all the problems with them. So it’s your responsibility to dig deep into your problem and find a solution.

Acceptance and the Attachments

  03 July 2012

Imagine the level of attachment with these things… imagine the way you accept them and how the level of attachment goes with it…

The country you live.  Then the village or city… then your home & the garden… then your room…  You attached to your room than to your house.  Don’t you? 

You attach to your house & the garden than to your village or city… Don’t you?

You attach to your village or city than to your country… Don’t you? 

You attach to your country than to the Earth... Don’t you? 

You attach to the Earth than to the moon or some another planet…  Don’t you?   

The attachments & the level of attachments built with the level of pleasure / entertainment you gain through each moment for the package call "I" from the package call “mine”.  Every time a form comes to the eyes, sound comes to the ears, tastes comes to the tongue, fragrance comes to the nose, touch comes to the body… a thought arise in the mind.  That thought is the foundation to the way you accept things.   Then the attachments…

After that when you lose these things or when you feel like losing them you feel suffering.

But if there were no one belongs to you or if there were no one known to you, you simply don't feel much difference on that situation.  Don’t you?


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