Power of imaginations

Likewise the way we accept the planet earth as the world we live, by believing on data, we accept basically everything in the same manner. We need to find out the world of imagination to save ourselves.

Power of imaginations

  03 July 2012

Just imagine how many people around this world die now in this very moment? How many people around this world struggle to live in this very moment? How many of them enters as new born in this very moment? How many of them becoming sick in this very moment? How many? Do you have an idea? 

Do you mind them?  Does it matters to you? 

Imagine that you are now listening to your favorite song with the ear phones in your ears… and also you close your eyes to enjoy your song to the maximum… such a moment you have no idea what is happening around you right?

On such a moment, may be your pet dies… may be your parents, beloved ones dies… but you are not aware as you didn't see them or listen or feel them on that moment. Do you?

Well for me honestly, I have no idea if something happen on such an occasion… simply because I don't aware what is happening at this very moment as I can't see them, listen to them, feel them… so still that world hasn’t arisen for me.  I only have the world which I experience right at the moment. 

Imagine right now just in front of you, an accident happens and a person died. That person was not categorizing in your "Mine" list… simply you don't know that person. Then you don't suffer much. But still it was a form to your eyes too.

What if the person that dies there was one of your friends? Don't you feel suffering than the unknown person's death?  Again it was a form to your eyes too.

What if that person is one of your close relatives? What if that person is one of your very own beloved one who you believe that is very close to you? See the level of suffering you are going to experience.  Again it was a form to your eyes too. Now, imagine at this very moment it happen to you by applying these situations by thinking of your own beloved ones. So it will be easy for you to understand.

What was the difference of these situations?  They were forms to your eyes.  But the level of suffering changed with each situation right?  Because in each situation the way you accept the forms were different.   

First incident the form of dead person was unknown to you.  The second incident the form was known to you but the attachment you have with that form was little.  Likewise when it comes to the form which has lot of attachment to you brought you loads of suffering.

The level of attachment increased with the level of pleasure / entertainment you experience with that form.  So where was the mistake now?