Sand Castles

Sand Castles

When we are kids we make sand castles at the beach… have you done this? Let’s use it for our liberation…

As kids we build sand castles.  Sometime as an adult you also might join with your kids for building sand castles for fun. 

Imagine when you built a nice huge sand castle and one wave from ocean flatten it back to the shore and your whole effort is ruined…

How you feel?  How your kids feels?

Did you notice that the kids are more unhappy and worried with the situation while you are little sadden on their woes? 

On such occasion what we feel as adults are “What’s the big deal… we can make it again” type of feelings… but for the kid it’s not the same.  Because the value for the sand castle is higher than ours in their mind.  So they worry too much than us. 

Don't forget that the law of impermanency applies here too.  But that couldn't bring you suffering in this occasion.  But for the kid it did.  Then there is something deep we should understood in this dhamma.

But imagine you are building a new house.  And kids also know the fact that you are building a new home.  Your money effort and hopes entitle with the project and your values are so high for it. 

Then there is an earthquake and your new home flatten to the ground.  Your effort time money all wasted and how you feel on such occasion? 

Of course you feel that it is more valuable than a sand castle which made by kids.  But for the kids?  It is the same reaction for them which you felt during their sand castle flatten. 

So, think… it’s our mind which gives values to the process.  Things change with the age … We are no more crying for the sand castles as adults, but we are still crying for the sand castle which comes with another form. 

All we have to understand is that; the way we accept things…

If the problem or suffering or woes or worries were with the outer object the reactions should be same.  But there was nothing wrong with the sand castle or house which flatten.

The problem was with the way we accept the external objects.  The problem is with the way we see things as they are NOT.  The problem is with the reactions comes with the values we are giving to external objects.  That’s why the kid react differently than us.  And that’s why other people react different for the same things which you react on your own way!

Let’s examine more in to the matter and let’s try to understand the way how our mind works!  And how our world created!  And how we misunderstood the world for something else!