What is your world?

When we say world, first thought comes to your mind is this world where we live, which we call planet earth. We need to find out what world we matters us most... We need to identify the real world which hidden & unseen for us decades... Let's say nearly 7,000,000,000 people are in this planet earth. Now from all these people who really matters to you?

What is your world?

  02 July 2012

Let's say there are 7,000,000,000 X 2 = 14,000,000,000 eyes available in this world. How many eyes really matters to you the most? If the question is given to me I would say "there are 2 eyes matters to me most and may be few more eyes from the balance 13,999,999,998 have chances to matter to me most".

Think about this carefully. Isn't that correct? The 2 eyes which matters to me most are the 2 eyes of mine. And for you it is your 2 eyes. And then the few more eyes which belongs to other beloved people of mine & so as to you. Isn't it?

Likewise from 14,000,000,000 ears you care mostly about only 2 ears and few more… and from 7,000,000,000 noses you care about 1 & few more… and from 7,000,000,000 tongues you care about 1 & few more... and from 7,000,000,000 bodies you care about 1 & few more… and from 7,000,000,000 minds you care about 1 & few more… Am I correct?  

I think I am correct coz this simple theory is applicable for me and for all those who I know and it should be applicable to all those normal human beings. 

You say "I" to the collection of eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body & the mind. Aren't you? Can you say anything else apart from these as you?

Every human being in this world call "I" to this collection of eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body & mind. This is not only for the human beings it is also applicable to all the beings whether they are visible or invisible to human eyes... they too recognize the same collection as "I" and behave accordingly. 

Eyes, Ears, Nose, Tongue, Body & Mind is the collection which you believe as "You"!  Why you accept this collection as "I"?

Because when the eyes sees forms you feels them, when ears hear sounds you feels them, when nose smell fragrances you feels them, when tongue taste tastes you feels them, when body contact touches you feels them, through all these 5 senses you sometimes feels good pleasure, bad pleasure and neutral pleasure.  So all these pleasure makes you to believe that there is a one person who is going through all these pleasures and that person you identify as "I".  

Also these feelings makes you believe that you in control of your own.  So that makes you feel like “I”!  Think carefully till you get the deep meaning behind above explanation. 

Then what is that you say "Mine"?

The forms you see, sounds you hear, fragrances you smell, tastes you taste, contacts you feel and the information you get through all these as thoughts to your mind you call "Mine"!  Aren't you? 

So your world is; what you call "I" & "Mine"

The collection of Eyes & the Forms, Ears & the Sounds, Nose & the Fragrances, Tongue & the Tastes, Body & the Contacts, Mind & the Thoughts; is the world!

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