Do I have to fear for Nirvãna?

  11 January 2012

Do I have to fear for Nirvãna? Copyright Claims

Do we have to afraid of Nirvãna – the Enlightenment? Most of the people around the world is basically afraid of Nirvãna - the awakening. Let’s find out what can be the reason behind this Nirvãna phobia.

  1. Afraid of losing relationships

Most of the people believe, that one has to give up all kind of relationships and find a loneliest place in this planet where no one is around and stay closed eyes cross legged sitting position rest of the life to attain Nirvãna. Sound scary right? No wonder why you are not fear for Nirvãna if that is the truth of practice…

  1. Afraid of ending life

Sometimes I find some people who fear of thinking that this would be the last time in existence and no more existence at all… they find it scary… they love to born again and have a joyful life… so not Nirvãna for us please… that’s how they think…

  1. Afraid of humiliation

When we become spiritual people most of the people around us laugh at us. They think we have gone crazy… they think we have no courage to face the problems of life… so they begin to humiliate the practitioners… so Nirvãna is again refused by fear of humiliations…

  1. Afraid of losing hair and stylish dresses

Many believes that one should wear robs and enter to the monk-hood to attain Nirvãna. So, if they love their hair or stylish dresses they simply doesn’t like to lose that life style for unknown Nirvãna. Also when they find it is difficult even to match the requirements of temples rules they getting away from Nirvãna and teaching of it…

  1. Afraid of losing current religion

As long as Buddhism is believed to be just another religion many other religious followers doesn’t even like to think about Nirvãna or Buddhist teachings. It’s just another teaching for them. And they find loads of similarities with their own religion and think why I should convert to something else while I have the same results in my religion. This myth of Buddhism as a religion keeps many away from this blissful results of Nirvãna….

  1. Afraid of doing chanting, offerings or other rituals

Many hates to spend time with chanting or following some rituals. Many find them boring and waste of time. When someone is not interest on it others blame them too by saying that one is not a real practitioner. So, some make sure to keep away from Nirvãna & the practices for it just because they feel boring on rituals & chanting…

These are just few examples… explore the deep teaching you will get the answers to all these fear and you will learn to face to these fears. Because there is nothing to fear at all… have a blessed time with pure Buddhism!