Intro to the song

  09 May 2022

If I say from a Buddhist point of view, this can be named as “A kind message of truth - by Mara, the God (The keeper) of the system”.  If I said, from a Catholic or Christian point of view, “A kind message of truth – by Satan, who always challenged the son of God, Jesus, by saying “I own the system, I own the world”.

So, this is basically about the life you believe which you have the control over it, but in reality, you are trapped!  But, always, remember there is a way out.  It is possible to save you, and become your own savior.  You just need to think wise & act wise!  Not through the way outs also given by the system itself!

Beautifully presented by the famous rap artist Tom MacDonald.  Song named as "The System", and released recently on 6th May, 2022.  Here are the lyrics to the song – “The System” and have a blessed time dear Dhamma friends!