The Thin Line

  11 December 2022

Article summary

There is a thin line between “The Absolute Truth” and “The Ultimate Truth”. But in actual it is not a thin line. It’s the difference of LIE & THE TRUTH but unfortunately, we are so stuck in a lie as the truth that we find a thin line between the both.

So, in here, I would like to invite you to keep searching for the ultimate truth without stopping in the absolute truth.  For an example, like in this interview revealed how we believe 5 senses works and how they actually work and deceives us by giving false interpretations, you can question your life. 

The way you believe things as the truth. And what is Ultimate Truth?  For a wise person the absolute truth is always the key to starts the journey to Noble truth, or we say The Eternal Ultimate Truth, which is only possible to explain by a Samma SamBuddha or a true disciple of a Samma SamBuddha. 

When Buddhist teachings guide us to the one & only Eternal Ultimate Truth, there are certain levels which explains about the relative truth & absolute truth just to show us the trap.  But when the listening is conditioned by those so – called truths, 99% of listeners stuck in those level of explanations as Buddhist Teachings and that’s where they get confused “the absolute truth” as “the Eternal Truth”.  Some even worst by believing that Buddhist teachings are all about “relative truth”. 

This is all because the listening is conditioned and most of doesn’t know how to listen perfectly.  Listening get conditioned when the seeking is not honest.  So, be an honest seeker of truth.  Then, you won’t be satisfied by believing a lie as the truth.