The Confusion

  11 December 2022

Article summary

I come across many people who misunderstand this kind of Scientifical explanations as Buddhist Teachings.

Because sometimes the explanations of deep Buddhist’s teachings SEEMS to have similar explanations.  So, many Buddhists followers, especially those who are fond of science and its findings, often get confused with these explanations as Buddhist teachings. 

I’m not telling these are not The Buddhist Teachings just because they are explained by Scientists through science methods.  Because sometimes some people say or ignore the facts in such manner because of their conventional thinking patterns.  They just don’t like to accept things when they come in a different form.  That’s why I said I’m not just telling that these are not Buddhism because they presented differently. 

As a true seeker, your search should be broad and go beyond the boundaries.  Your search should be wise.  You have to become a true listener rather than making judgment quickly.   

Every teaching whether it is religious or philosophical or scientifical… all of them claims that we are saying the eternal truth.  So, it’s obvious we buy one of those sooner or later as the truth.  So, it is important to know the difference between the eternal truth and the other truths which we believe as the eternal truth.

So, to make this little easy, I normally use a method by categorizing the truth in to 3 truths.   There is ONLY ONE TRUTH.  But the problem is we believe in so many lies as THE TRUTH, so we need to clear the confusion first.