Higher Realms

In this section basically we are trying to find about God & Brahmas whom staying in higher levels of the 31 planes / abodes.  I'm sure all of you have heard about many stories about many kinds of Gods & Brahmas.  And some of you may also have doubt about this subject as most of us have never seen any kind of God or Brahma. 

But we already know the subject we talk about is not about how many of us seen or experience these unseen worlds.  It's all about how they connect to us and how they related to us and how they can bring suffering to us.  So whatever we believe is not really matters when we talk about the truth which according to the cause & effect theory.

So through this section let's try to identify the upper level of existence describe in Dhamma. Let's find out how fascinating they are and how impermanent they are.  Let's find out how useless they are as well as how good they are when compared to the lower levels.