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Welcome Dear Human Being! Welcome to my friend's list on Face Book! Enjoy the tranquility shared! May You be blessed with the best!!! It's always so easy to flow with the trend. What difficult is to make the decision wisely to be different. It's always is to give up your dignity & wisdom over peer pressure... what difficult is to take the wise decision right on time... So be wise! Social Media or anything is not the whole life! There are lot more magical things hidden within! Take time to Explore them

Welcome Gift!

  01 January 2017

No matter what our religion or race or status, is... as long as we are human beings, we have common problems. 

Also, every one of us hunger for the true happiness from our minds.

So, to get rid from the unsatisfactory feelings & to gain the satisfaction, some people seek for a solution through the religions.

Whether you are religious or a materialist, a believer or an atheist, deaf or hearing, it is crucial that you know how your own mind works.

If you don’t, you’ll go around thinking you’re healthy, when in reality, you are mentally ill.  In another way the true cause of all psychological disease is there and growing within you which make you a person with a chance of mental illness.

It’s all because we are passionate with the sense world & blinded by attachments without knowing the true nature of our own mind. Basically, this is the real cause of all kind of problems which exists in this world nowadays.

Think... How long do we live? May be maximum 120 years or few more years…?? Really???

Think about how short this life can be and what we do for the betterment of our own selves & for others?

In this short period, we are behaving as SLAVES to our 5 senses.

Depending on something not related to ourselves to be happy… believing on & waiting for something external to make us happy… for how long???

The internet, Social networking sites etc… can ruin your wonderful life. BUT at the same time, it can bring you something unbelievably useful & supportive enough to bring real joy & peace to your mind.

Here I am sharing with you one of the best gifts which I can gift to another being.  May be this can be one of the best gifts you ever received from someone… OR the worst according to your perception...

Find the ultimate truth of your very own life… It doesn't effect on what you believe as your religion or race or faith… the truth is bitter but when we aware of the truth we are in the safe side.  So, become your own savior… use this gift with an open mind and use your wisdom to understand them…

“Nobody but you can save yourself - once you discipline your mind, body & words

you become your own savior”

“This is Not just to read & forget – But for revise through the wisdom & understand your own self for the ultimate liberation!”

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Rajitha Viduransi | Kelaniya, Sri Lanka

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