Benefits of a True Practitioner

June 2023 edition

Benefits of a True Practitioner

Article summary

I have come across many useful stories and dhamma teachings, whenever I read Tripitaka or Atta katha. So, as you already know I’m so happy to share them with you all by believing that they might be supportive to you as well. So, here is such a wonderful piece of dhamma and let’s discuss what are the importance of this through this month editorial.

You may have heard about the Paccheka Buddhas.  We call them Silent Buddha or Solitary Buddhas.  And Gautama Samma Sambuddha preached about them on various occasions.  You know, how they like… how they became such a Buddha etc.  Normally our Noble Disciple most venerable Bhikkhu Ananda is the one who brings out the subject and related questions.  On such occasion the blessed one has given such a wonderful information about the dedicated practitioners and what benefits should they expect as their ultimate result.

“Panchime, Ananda, anisansa pubbeyogawachare.  Kathame Pancha? – Ananda, the dedicated practitioners have these 5 types of benefits.  What are the five?”
  1. “Idhananda, pubbeyogawacharo ditteva dhamme patikachcha agngnang aradethi”“Ananda, they could achieve the ultimate result of Arahantship in this life itself.

  2. “No che ditteva dhamme patikachcha agngnang aradethi, atha marana kale agngnang aradethi” If they couldn’t achieve the ultimate result of Arhanthship while they are living, they will achieve it while they dying.

  3. “Atha devapuththo samano agngnang aradethi” Or else, they will attain the Arhanthship as a God in a higher realm.

  4. “Atha Buddhanang sammukhabhavi kippabhigngno hothi” Or else, they will attain the Arhanthship instantly in front of a Samma Sambuddha. 

  5. “Atha pachchime kale Pachcheka Sambuddho hothi” thi. Or else, they will be attaining the Buddhahood as a Silent / Solitary Buddha in a period of time where there is no Samma Sambuddha arise.

So, hope you understood these.  This says what are the benefits of a dedicated practitioner.  They are bound with one of these 5 results.  If it is you who practice honestly and dedicatedly you will be achieving your results under one of these states.

Who is the dedicated practioner – a pubbeyogawachara?  A person who is willing to liberate.  A person who is willing to realize the eternal truth.  So, whether it is a lay person or a monk or a nun doesn’t matter who you are from the outer appearance.  What require is how dedicated you are for the liberation or to realize the eternal truth.  If you are still giving the priority for the existence and not the cease of existence that makes you a delayed practitioner.  So, this is about how well you are doing the prior work for the liberation. 

Let’s say you are a farmer.  You are waiting for the harvest.  But what if you haven’t done the needful work for that?  What you are going to harvest?  You have so much to do as a farmer and the harvest is the gift for your honest dedication. So, it always depends on the work you have done prior to the final result.

So, if you are willing to liberate and seeking for the eternal truth… look within and see how dedicated you are and how honest you are for that.  If you are doing the right needs, dedicatedly then your results will be with you in this life itself… or at the moment you die… or as a higher realm being which is assured with your practice of right things. Or else you can become one of the noblest ones in a Samma Sambuddha Sasana, like most venerable Arhant Darucheeriya and other Arahants who attained the final achievement instantly after listening few teachings from Samma Sambuddha.  Or else if that is not a time period of a Samma Sambuddha it is assured to become a Silent Buddha.

So, remember the honestly dedicate practitioner doesn’t practice what they practice for the fame or any other benefits.  They just need to liberate and know the eternal truth only.  So, they don’t have any conditioned mind of what they achieve at the end as a person.  Imagine you are prisoner whom imprisoned for years in a torturous situation.  What you expect?  The fame or the other material benefits? Do you wait to become a star and have some followers?  Or just do you simply need to be free? So, dedicated and honest practitioner means someone like that.  Their true focus has only been for the realizing eternal truth and liberate from this prison call existence.  So, they work on that honestly and results are assured! 

So, my dear Dhamma friends.  Do what you have to do.  Expecting harvest without doing nothing will give nothing at all as the harvest.  If you are honestly dedicated your listening becomes pure.  When you listen you realize the what you hear.  You will know you rather than thinking about yourself.  And then you will realize how torturous the prison is.  Then your focus is only for liberation & liberation only!  So, look within and seek what you actually need and that’s it!  You will be a true practitioner and benefits follows you!   Have a blessed time, dear all!

Rajitha Viduransi | Kelaniya, Sri Lanka