Become your own savior!

April 2012 edition

Become your own savior!

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"Nobody but you can save yourselves. You, when well-disciplined yourselves, become your own savior." Let’s explore little deeper in to this dhamma verse.

The Samma Sambuddha only shows the path: the path to deliverance from all sufferings and the way leading to perfect peace of mind. And this peace of mind is attained neither by any kind of self - hypnosis nor by any temporary ecstatic state induced by concentration on some illusion. It is to be achieved by self - understanding of the actual nature of one's own being.

Not only in Lord Buddha’s teaching, the other religions are also show only the path to its final achievement. The walking in the shown path is always up to our selves.

Buddhism or the Samma Sambuddha's teaching is not possible to give others by forcefully. Nowadays, we can see there are many who trying to give the dharma forcefully. But, if that was the exact way to understand these great teachings, the Samma Sambuddha himself could have followed the same method in those years.

But blessed one didn't! Lord Buddha always said, that we should "become our own savior no one else can save us…not even Samma Sambuddhas can save us". The blessed one explained the Dhamma in the perfect way and that is the best and the only suitable way to spread among others.   The Samma Sambuddha's method of showing the way to self - realization is UNIQUE!

In that time period no one goes to Lord Buddha and ask teach me Buddhism. Those words wasn’t there … they always went with their own personal problem. They seek for a solution and Lord Buddha explained the true nature of problem. That makes realize the listener not even about the problem but also about the solution and path of solution.

The blessed one explained we shouldn’t force for the beings who are not ready to listen… because when one is not ready to listen the listener won’t get the point of what he / she listen. Something else is being process in those mind while listening… that means there is no room for listening and when there is no listening there is no room for realizations.

Listener always get the chance to find solutions to their problems & questions… so being a good listener is always a solution for many problems. The Listening cause to wisdom.

When you are a good listener you get a chance to think about what you listen. When you analyses what you listen then you get the chance to identify the true nature of your own self! That’s how you clear the path of true happiness. No one can force you… it’s totally up to you! So be wise, and realize the path of becoming your own savior!  

Rajitha Viduransi | Kelaniya, Sri Lanka

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