Let's begin the journey!

May 2011 edition

Let's begin the journey!

Article summary

This is the very first editorial for the site "Nirvana Dhamma". This is a message from the editor on what is important to remember when you browsing the site. Have a Blessed time with pure Buddhist teachings...

First of all I need to confess that I’m not really fluent in English as it is not my mother tongue. So there you may find loads of grammatical errors in my articles. So, accept my first apology on that.

Secondly, you will find many sections still not yet filled properly with the contents. Please accept my second apology on that note and I’ll try my best to fill the site whenever I get time.

Other than that accept my apology in advance to all the mistakes I make through this tiny effort of mine.  My intention is to share the purest meaning of Buddhism in each possible method.

This is not about Theravada or Mahayana or Vajrayana or Zen or anything else. This is about purest dhamma which can make a change in our life. Whether it is from all type of Buddhism or from another religion you will get the chance to examine the deep meanings and add the essence to your life.

So then this is not only for Buddhist. This is for the whole mankind who thinks openly to enhance their wisdom.

In this year 2011, we are celebrating the 2600th year from the Enlightenment of Great Samma Sambuddha (Lord Buddha). Even though this teaching has the solution to all kind of our problems, many of are still not expose to the essence of Buddhist teachings.

You never know what is missing in your life until you reach it. So this site also can be a life changing point of yours. Never knows… so be open minded and explore the beautiful teaching of the greatest psychologist, greatest scientist ever happen to this universe. The more you explore the more you find that how universal is this teaching and how practical is it to adopt to our lives.

In here there will be no orders. I'm not going to tell you to do as I say... I'm not going to say this is the truth... So far what I realized is that this wonderful teaching is powerful enough to bring the real peace & happiness in to one’s life. The respect, compassion, kindness, universal love, in simple word it’s a packet of every good things in it.

So, in here I’ll share the teaching through my practice, understanding & knowledge.   The explaining to the last point is never so easy. But I’ll try my best in here.

So you get loads of opportunities to be in touch with “Nirvana Dhamma” through social networks and the blog too.

Feel free to write to me… feel free to share your point of view on the things which I share here… or if you have any suggestion to improve the English Section of this web site, feel free to share with me.

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Rajitha Viduransi | Kelaniya, Sri Lanka