Truth never change!

November 2011 edition

Truth never change!

Article summary

Dhamma explanation through a story. Chance to examine the deep hidden meaning and apply them to your life.

Once upon a time there was a kingdom with a king. One day the king got to know that the kingdom going to have a heavy rain in the next day. So what? What’s the big deal? There is something special about this rain. The king got to know that whoever going to wet on this rain will become mentally retarded. So the coward   king planned to survive alone with his servants in his palace.

Then in the next day, the rain begun. After the rainy day the king address the people in the country. But when he starts addressing his people they started to scream… "A crazy man… a crazy man…"!!! Then the king explained what really happen and he said he is not crazy but the people are crazy.

What you think? Did they listen? NO chance!!

They started to scream more & more by telling "a crazy man… a crazy man". The royal servants who stayed with the king without getting wet on the rain also tried to explain them what really happen was and the truth. But they never believed as crazy people don't accept they are crazy. They keep continue to scream.

So the point is we shouldn’t be like those crazy people. We should learn to listen to others point of view. We should open our mind to understand what other are trying to tell us. The way of expressing ideas may be vary. But that variations can bring wonderful effects to our lives, if we come across the good points.

So the quality of listening to others is really important to have a successful life. Also to complete the dhamma path successfully. Sometimes we don’t like to believe things just because it’s not in our range of understanding. But that’s doesn’t mean the fact is not exists or not true. It’s just we are not expose to the topic on that moment only.  

So be open to the things you listen and if you feels like not possible to agree with it just keep it aside without any conflicts. Sometimes the data which we collected through the 5 senses are cheating us and make us realize that what we believe is the truth and nothing else.   So without taking a side, examine as an outsider. Then you will be able to see the deep things which you have never experience before.

This story tells us one more important point. Sometimes we accept or believe things just because many number of people believes on it. Like in the story many of them can be false. Sometimes only one may be in the correct side. So if you are not attracted to the numbers then again you get another chance to success in the path of truth.

So be open minded and have a blessed time!

Rajitha Viduransi | Kelaniya, Sri Lanka