Doing something or nothing!

March 2019 edition

Doing something or nothing!

Article summary

In previous editorial we started to discussed the topic of “busy by doing nothing” from the movie Christopher Robin. And as you can remember we end it with the well written song from the same movie that quote “For when I'm doing nothing, I'm busy doing something”. So, in this editorial let’s try to dig deeper with the touch of purest Buddhism.

The deep explanation of purest Buddhism will guide you to experience the emptiness and nothingness even while you are doing anything & something but without interacting with them.

A state which you see but you actually see nothing…
A state which you hear but you actually hear nothing…
A state which you contact but you actually contact nothing…
A state which you feel but you actually feel nothing…

But, until we are not aware of the real state of our own self and how our senses work, we believe stopping the activities is what call “doing nothing” means.  So, like we say in the previous editorial we believe of resting by just staring in a beach or closing our eyes by concentrating to breath etc.., and we call this “busy by doing nothing”. But, as in the song, “For when I'm doing nothing, I'm busy doing something” is what actually happening here.

To achieve the actual doing nothing state one should realize the process of so-called self.  We believe we are just seeing, just hearing, just feeling, just knowing. But are we?  Aren’t we busy in these states?  Yes, we are.  We are doing something here and you should find out what actually happening here. But one cannot find out about it without the teaching of Samma Sambuddha. 

When you realize and awaken with the real state of mind & it’s actual state, then of course you are enjoying the state of busy by doing nothing.  The real nothingness, emptiness where you involve with day to day activities, thoughts and many more and also seems like you are busy by doing something but yet you are not busy by anything at all.  And you are actually doing nothing.  

This seems more complicated than the normal feeling of “doing nothing, means busy doing something” concept.  But this the depth you are going to touch with pure Buddhism.

It’s never about relaxing by doing something while believing that you are doing nothing.  That doing nothing is relative.  In a state where relativity act on, one cannot experience the busy by doing nothing. 

So, I invite you all to explore this wonderful journey!  Meantime I would say “busy by doing nothing while you are doing something” will surely give you a good start for the inner journey by relieving yourself from the materialistic world.

So, keep the pooh bear with you and enjoy the TODAY because life will become really confusing when there is yesterday & tomorrow like days appeared!  😊

Good luck my friends, and have a blessed time by exploring the real meaning of busy by doing nothing!

Rajitha Viduransi | Kelaniya, Sri Lanka