The “J” curve in life!

April 2020 edition

The “J” curve in life!

Article summary

I have come across this wonderfully done video about Covid – 19 threat using VFX, and how dangerous it can be if we couldn’t identify the gravity of something which has a nature of an expansionary growth. When I saw the video, I observe something related to Pure Buddhists teachings in this creation as well. Dhamma is everywhere you know… One just has to have an eye to see it through.

First watch the video. And hats off to the creators who creatively explained a deep fact within few seconds. 

The depth of the nature of the expansional growth, is well explained in this video with simple examples.   According to the great canyon example in this video, you could see how the effect comes so quickly within few minutes of time, if we fail to identify the danger or if we didn’t care about the given warnings.

In reality this is what happens with us too.  In every moment we see, hear, contact & feel things.  We believe our view is perfect and there is nothing wrong with it.  Our perceptions arise according to the view we have which we believe, is so precise!  Every time our interaction happens with what we see, hear, contact or feel, our perception adds details to them and make us believe that, the outcome is what comes from the outside as the reality. 

This can be compared to the expansional growth which explains in this video.  Imagine the magical drop of water which doubles its size every second… something exactly like that… every moment what we come across as a form or sound or smell or taste or touch or feeling / thought is already change its true nature and going far away from the truth or reality.   But we don’t aware of that. 

We are like the person who enjoy his freedom in the Grand Canyon in this video.  Samma Sambuddha send the warning… many alerts… but who cares… because who believes in that magical drop of water which will bring the destruction in no time.  What most important is our freedom…

The curve of danger in samsara is a “J” … a hockey stick curve… the funny part is that there is this curve in every single moment… it’s there in of our each & every interaction… It’s placing us somewhere in the 31 plains of existence.  And our time pass… Tik… Tok…. Tik… Tok… we die in every moment… and here comes the big “J” which we finally identify as our “Death” … but by then it’s too late! 

BUT seriously!!! 31 plains of existence!! Die in every moment!!!  Give me a break!!! Right??? Who believes in those nonsense….!!!  Only a stupid Asian can believe in them, right? 

Yes, that’s the sad truth… we only believe what our senses makes us believes.  We are failing to recognize the warning… realize the depth of danger… understand what beyond our senses perceive to us.  This nature of ours can be seen in world pandemic like happening right now around us. 

But who cares right!   We have things to do! Yes… we don’t like to lose our present so call deluded freedom for the real liberation which can have in this life it self by listening to a warning and act accordingly! 

If the life you are blessed with right now is the Grand Canyon it fills with a magical water drop which have an expansional growth. And you are the one who wandering carelessly by believing in your freedom in your very own Grand Canyon.  And you don’t listen to anything strange than what you believe is correct and true.  It’s a “J”! Last minute panic never brought anyone better as we expected! 

Good luck my friends! We may be survived in the world pandemics… but are we really safe from our own pandemic which has a “J” curve through every interaction of ours? 

Rajitha Viduransi | Kelaniya, Sri Lanka