Love genuinely

December 2017 edition

Love genuinely

Article summary

Understand love... be in love... spread love... coz this world needs more genuine love!

To all my wonderful friends who are married and in love with someone... before you become an option to someone else, it's necessary to understand the true nature of the true love.

The more you fantasize and the more expect those fantasies to come alive the more you destroy your beautiful life, and your family life and lives of others around you... You end up by being just an another option to someone more selfish.

So, my beautiful friends... you can love... you can love genuinely... you can love genuinely to everyone... you can love genuinely as a daughter / son, as sister / brother, as a wife / husband, as a daughter in law / son in law, as a mother / father, as a friend, as a college in work place... as a woman / man...

Just be wise enough to understand the true nature of genuine love... it is something with No complaint... No expectation... No clinging... No grasping and holding in to...

Genuine love also means the support... the greatest support to another being to overcome their difficulties and feel the real happiness!

Be in love... spread love... coz this world needs genuine love!

Rajitha Viduransi | Kelaniya, Sri Lanka