The blessed one …

May 2012 edition

The blessed one …

Article summary

It’s the month of remembrance… the remembrance of the noble achievements of a great teacher… The Lord Buddha… it’s the time we remember the birth of the noble one… the noble achievement of Buddhahood… and the great loss of Lord Buddha. Let’s remember a moment from the blessed one’s life…

This is a one incident of Samma Sambuddha’s life, which brings tears to my eyes whenever I listen to this…

There was a time period which Lord Buddha walked thousands of miles to spread the Dharma for a ONE PERSON. Because in the beginning there were many beings who seek for the teaching, listen to them and become their own saviors. When it comes to the last years of the blessed one’s life, it’s seldom to find a person with the ability of understanding the pure teachings.

Lord Buddha had special ability to understand other beings and their level of understanding. That’s why when the blessed one see a person who have that ability of listening and understanding, Lord Buddha doesn’t hesitated to walk for them even they are thousands of miles away.

This story said:

Once Buddha went for a sermon with his Bhikkus and waited there for long time without preaching the Dhamma. Then one person entered to the place… with muddy feet and sweats… He was very tired and hungry, Samma Sambuddha ask others to provide food for him and Samma Sambuddha wait till he finish all those activities without saying any Dhamma to others who were waiting there.  

Once that person finish eating and ready to listen the dhamma the blessed one started sermon. This whole incident confused the other Bhikkus. So, on their way back the Bhikkus asked the reason behind the situation.

Then Lord Buddha said, I came all the way of these thousands of miles to say Dhamma to that person only. Because even though there were loads of people who seems listening, they are not cable to understand the depth of this deep teaching. That was the only being who was there to understand what I explained. So, I wanted to guide him to become his own savior. That’s why I walked all these miles for him.

It’s just one incident which proves how caring he was. Because the existence was not so worthy to waste the time.

Once Lord Buddha once said;

“If this existence has a place where true happiness exists I surely show you that place and the path for it… but unfortunately there is not a single place which brings you true happiness in this existence… because an illusion can’t make you happy truly. That’s the reason why I am praising & showing the path for enlightenment as it is the only salvation which bring real peace and pure happiness”

"May this moment of the noble life, guide us for the true liberation. May the Nirvana Dhamma become a real guidance to understand and improve the wisdom for the pure happiness!

May each word contain in this site lead the persons who truly wish for cease all kind of sufferings permanently and attain Nirvana the enlightenment!"

Rajitha Viduransi | Kelaniya, Sri Lanka