How to avoid Spiritual thieves

August 2019 edition

How to avoid Spiritual thieves

Article summary

In previous editorial, we talked about some spiritual thieves and why we call them by that name. So, let’s focus on how to be aware from these people through this editorial.

When someone tells you about something spiritual or show you some spiritual powers just don’t jump in to it and try not to become a follower of that person.  Instead be wise and dig more to the subject explore it more with other spiritual personalities too. 

When these people are forcing you to do something spiritual just try not to jump on it too.  Sometimes they will enchant you with their little abilities of spiritual powers for their own use.  Just try to be you always, without dragging on to something you are not.

Because end of the day we can’t stop whatever these happenings.  But we can be safe.  You shouldn’t believe anyone just because they say things which you are not aware of.  You shouldn’t reject any of them either.  You just keep them aside and be open minded.  

Without being a follower just enjoy the person you met with whatever the abilities or knowledge they carried with them.  Just don’t rush to carry the same baggage in your shoulder!  Not even this article or its facts.  Just be wise!

Because when you trapped in to these spiritual traps, it’s bit hard for you to come out from them as the subject is too vast and deep which involved very unusual phenomena to contact with.  Just be careful my friends!  Coz I think I have seen enough to write this warning to you all!

I will be keep writing about, how one can be trapped in a false vision by believing it is the true spiritual path or activities. Then you will be able to be more aware of these things before you jumped into the spiritual world.

Like I said “spiritual thieves” would be too harsh for these kinds of people.  One shouldn’t judge anyone with the things they do. You may find good people among them even though they are doing something wrong unknowingly or knowingly.  So, if you come across any person with such behaviors just be aware and help him / her to get out from the false views they are in.  If it seems IMPOSSIBLE, Just Leave them alone and mind your own business please 😊!

Have a blessed time and good luck for your spiritual journey! 

Rajitha Viduransi | Kelaniya, Sri Lanka