Role of a Real Buddhist!

February 2012 edition

Role of a Real Buddhist!

Article summary

Nowadays those who believe that they are real Buddhist think of following the path is an old age task… is it true or not? Let’s find out a role of a real Buddhist in really brief!

I am old… I can’t do many things as a young being now… there is no point of wasting this human life over beauty which fade away in an instant… once the mirror says you are beautiful and in an instant you are old… then get ready to die… So I should go to the temple…

Then the so called real Buddhist remember the Lord Buddha… the road to the temple… then they begin to listen to dhamma, where they can't understand even a simple meaning of this deep dhamma facts yet they claims they know everything about dhamma… it’s just like they are about to enlighten… even though they don’t understand a single meaning… they keep saying "Sadu Sadu Sadu" for whatever Bhikkus are saying… The ability of thinking has decayed … It’s just only the weaken body is in search of Nirvana or in search of a good life again?

Is this the role of a Real Buddhist?

Do every single defilement when in the young age and seeking for nirvana when the body is weaken…? this is cheating the Lord Samma Sambuddha… Bhikkus… and mostly your own self!

Nowadays, many of the valuable dharma facts for Nirvana are hidden behind useless worldly meanings. Those meanings are not so hard to understand even in old age. So it’s easy to get cheated… this is also explained in dhamma…

That is why we should think openly & deeply…

A real Buddhist doesn’t wait till the old age to seek for the liberation… A real Buddhist doesn’t waste time even after knowing that there is a path to cease all kind of sufferings… A real Buddhist realize that the solution to every single problem is available only in Dhamma... so they don’t wasting their time on seeking temporary solution through worldly ways.

The Nirvana Dhamma… the Pure Buddhist teachings… always guide you to the nirvana the true liberation. You just have to open your mind and grab that truth of your own self… Real Buddhist doesn’t seek outside… A real Buddhist’s search always leads to the inner side…

This site is an opportunity for you to think again about the decision you already made over your life. This site is an opportunity to realize the role of a real Buddhist… no matter what age you are in or what status you are in the real Buddhist teachings are for every being… it’s has everything to cater to all kind of beings.

So finally… a real Buddhist means a wise being. Just not try to be a tag Buddhist who boast around that “I am a Buddhist and I know this much or Buddhist is ours etc…” This is a peaceful beautiful ego less journey... it’s a wonderful experience…

“Nirvana Dhamma” only can show you the path… the decision to walk in that path or not is totally up to you! It’s your chance to find out whether you are a real Buddhist or not… whether to be one or not…!!!

Explore the Pure Buddhism and then make your decision… Have a blessed time!

Rajitha Viduransi | Kelaniya, Sri Lanka