What is real protection?

January 2014 edition

What is real protection?

Article summary

Let's explore how to achieve the real protection through the Buddhist point of view. Coz Buddhism, the pure path of eternal liberation has the solution to most of everything in this world.

These days one of the major issue in the society is the protection. What is this protection and how to overcome the issue of being protect and being safe in the society? Do you expect government or any other organization should be more concern over the public protection?

Mainly society expect protection from many things. Protection from criminals, poisons food, environment pollution etc… etc… And what exactly do we want to protect? Think carefully and you will realize that we basically want to protect are things we call "I" or "Mine". It can be a being or thing. So now think about the reality of things or beings which you call "I" or "Mine".

No matter how hard you tried the eternal nature of every being & things are, is changing, decaying and destruction at the end. If something or someone happen to birth or arise they have to go through this eternal nature of everything. That is the reality that we can't ignore.

But the problem is that we don't like to accept the true nature. We believe we can resist the true nature. So we fight mentally and physically. As an out come here comes all the social problems which we call social issues.

It is the wisdom which gives the realization of the true nature and the mentality to accept the truth and liberate from all kind of sufferings and unsatisfactory nature. The real danger doesn't come from the society or something out side. The real danger is with us. That is the unconsciousness which we commonly known as ignorance. The biggest problem is with us is that most of us are unconscious about the reality. So we battle against an illusion which we fails to win.

We expect government or some organization to work on our protection while our own self is the biggest threat to our own self. The biggest threat is this unconsciousness. Because of that we are unaware of the reality or even ignoring the eternal nature of things call "I" or "mine". What we should realize is that how it is possible to protect something or someone which arise with a nature of breakable, fragile. Even the people whom we call government or organize to protect others having the same problem of their own protection. So how it is possible to blame someone else of being so careless on something which is impossible to protect.

This expectation comes because of being unconsciousness / ignorance. A real Buddhist whom entered to the path of eternal liberation do not expect such illusory protection from another being whom actually is in real danger. The real protection is get rid from the death and that's available only in the path to nirvana (enlightenment).

So let's not be stupid to blame society or government or any other organization by collecting more defilement to our account. The more we behave like that means we become more unprotected and getting into more danger and gradually becoming helpless.

So my dear dhamma friends, be in touch with pure Dhamma and you will be able to know real protection and the method of being protected in wise way. May you gain the real protection through the blessings of triple gem!

Rajitha Viduransi | Kelaniya, Sri Lanka