Are you a noble person?

July 2016 edition

Are you a noble person?

Article summary

Present days many are popular with many purification levels in the path of dhamma. While few say I’m Arihat… some even says I’m Buddha… and there are thousands of stream enterer people too… but does this really matters? Let’s discuss further!

Are you a noble person? What can be the possible answers?  Yes I am! OR No I am not!  When we share Dharma with others most of the time people ask what is your level in the path of dhamma?  What is the highest level you achieved so far? Are you sowan (Stream enterer)? Are you Arihat? Etc… 

So think about this little fact from your own mind with wisdom.  Anyone can say any level as the way they wish… Because they have their own reasons.  Hope you can remember one of our previous editorial we shared few reasons described in dhamma for “Why some people say that they are noble?” 

Let’s assume one ask from me “Are you Sowan or Arihat? What is the qualifications you have to write Buddhism like this…? How could you say this is the Dhamma for Nirvana?” 

This is a very common question and that is why I even wanted to write this post for the benefit of all of you… If one asks such a question, I can say I'm sowan with some attitude… or maybe even a higher level of the path...  

BUT with the answer there could be 2 main things possible happen… 

  1. You don't believe me! And you start insult and ignore the fact I told u... and IF in case I TRULY ACHIEVE the levels I told to you then you are really in trouble… because the way you behave will become the cause to give effects according to your cause as you have insulted a noble person. 
  2. You believe me! You accepted the fact I told you with respect just because I told u... And you start to believe whatever I'm telling you because you believe that I TRULY ACHIEVE a level and a noble person to believe. 

Now what is the betterment you gain through both ways? NOTHING!

You just ended up with your own thought of believing or not believing… remember Dhamma is not based on any belief.  As long as the content support you to begin your search of truth that’s what matters. 

The more you ask the question of “Are you a noble person?” or “what is the qualification you have to prove that this is the pure path to nirvana?” the more the fake people will arise with the tag of “NOBLE” and the more certificate will be issued and more class will open to give the qualification of noble. 

So be wise… not for others… but for yourself…because there is no one out there to save you! What we believe or what we don’t believe doesn’t matter to change the truth.  So let the truth become truth while you follow the correct path through your own understanding to experience the truth!   

May triple gem bless you for the best!

Rajitha Viduransi | Kelaniya, Sri Lanka