Duplicate brands on Buddhism?

January 2013 edition

Duplicate brands on Buddhism?

Article summary

What we know as Buddhism these days is looks like a quite a problem. The topics most of the people discuss as Buddhism is not seem like the real Buddhism. That's natural with the present time we are passing with lack of noble people who can share the pure dhamma with the world. Even though they share, there are just few people who actually interest on what they say.

Most of the people are concentrating on Buddhism looks alike but not in real Buddhism. What are the looks alike… why we can't concentrate on real Buddhism… I believe it is something worthy to talk about for the betterment of wise beings.

When we take internet as a medium which shares Buddhism with others, most of the time we can see various articles, posts, saying under the tag of Buddhism, but unfortunately which is not real Buddhism.

People like to share how many Buddhists available under the popular category. Such as how many actors or actresses or singers or etc…become Buddhists… When a person from another religion praise Buddhism or did some Buddhist activities it becomes the talk of the day and spreading like someone has enlightened.

What is the actual benefit for someone by knowing who is a Buddhist & who is not a Buddhist? It's like saying "Yey… we bag this one to our team… etc…" Most of the so called Buddhists concentrating on numbers but not in the real practice.

When we talk about numbers, what people do is just observe the outer behaviors and bag him / her under the label of Buddhism. If a person is going to a temple or worships a statue of Samma Sambuddha or offers a flower or mediates then that person goes under the category of Buddhism.

Can it be Buddhism? How can something be Buddhism when Samma Sambuddha the explorer of Buddhism ignore & refused such external behaviors are not to be taken as a benchmark?

So be wise, be careful on what you read as Buddhism or related teachings. There are so many brands which are so popular & demanding. But if you are wise enough you can become your savior by experiencing the pure Buddhist Teachings!

Rajitha Viduransi | Kelaniya, Sri Lanka