Sharing Dhamma with Wisdom!

July 2013 edition

Sharing Dhamma with Wisdom!

Article summary

Let’s talk about the way one should share dhamma according to pure Buddhist teachings. Because if not done with the wisdom even a good thing can become a danger to life!

One shouldn’t be proud of their knowledge in Dhamma or the way they share the dhamma with others. There is nothing to be proud of or nothing to be expected through that knowledge. Knowledge of dhamma is effected by the eternal law of impermanence too.

So, it’s also changing with the time. That’s how one improve with the dhamma. The realization which makes one feels proud change to another realization level and gives more understanding over the truth. So, there is nothing to be proud of in this path of dhamma.

That improving understanding is guiding ourselves to get rid from the ego layers which comes with the knowledge too. Also the other expectations like profits from sharing dhamma, compliments or popularity. If the path is correct these layers won’t be much there within you. So if you do share dhamma with others… be in alert of your thoughts which comes from sharing dhamma!

One should not share dhamma without practicing him or herself. Some spend more time on sharing dhamma with others and not aware of how they missing their own practices. So what we can see is lack of the application on what they share with others to their own selves.

Always remember, if one doesn't practice well, that one doesn’t have much to share. Also doesn’t have much to apply to their own lives to get rid from the desires, hatred & ignorance.

Always remember to refer the dhamma for your own benefits. If you don’t find any benefits to your life through what you refer, you can’t share any benefit with another being. If you feels like sharing something that would be knowledge or data only.

So, be in touch "Nirvana Dhamma" web, blog and other resources when you get time for your own betterment. Moreover, be in touch with your own practices to save your own self more than anything else as this existence is not worthy to have a joyful ride.

First work on your own journey wisely, then others will benefited automatically! Good luck on your practices of being liberate from your own mind and dream world which you are stuck in!

May triple gem bless you for the best!!! May you be free from the dream world!!!

Rajitha Viduransi | Kelaniya, Sri Lanka