Spiritual thieves

July 2019 edition

Spiritual thieves

Article summary

This editorial comes up with some of the recent experiences which I happened to come across and though it will be a good thing to share with you all. Well calling “Spiritual thieves” may be too harsh for these people but there is no intention to harm anyone’s feelings or believes. Just write this as an awareness fact which may be useful for you to not to become a such a person and as well as not to become a victim of these people.

Who are these “spiritual thieves” and what makes me to call them by that name?  

There are certain kind of people who use spiritual facts and knowledge to cheat people whom actually doesn’t have much knowledge of the spiritual experiences.  Let’s say you are a very beginner who are curious about the spiritual activities and the various attainments.  There are some people who can honestly assist you to have a wonderful journey to spiritual world. 

Then again you come across these “spiritual thieves".  They will do anything to attract you towards them and knowingly or unknowingly you will be attracted towards these people by believing that they are true spiritual people. 

There are mainly two kind of spiritual thieves.  One kind is that; they do not have any spiritual power at all, they purely cheat others by pretending they have some powers and knowledge.  The other kind is that; they do have some little bit of spiritual activities and its powers.  But what they explain is totally irrelevant, and creating a different image with some false information. 

These both categories are extremely proud with what they are doing with their victims.  Unfortunately, by knowingly or unknowingly they are harming another being for their own benefits.

You should aware that in the current society information are globalized.  You can simply get any kind of information about almost anything through a simple google search or YouTube videos or social media activities.  These “spiritual thieves” are using these searching methods and always with full of information. 

They will present it to you in a way, that end of the day you become a victim of them with having no doubt on them at all.  And then they will start to use you.  In various ways they will use you.  I have seen this happening to many of those whom even I knew and unfortunately it was very hard to save them from these spiritual traps.

I would like to continue the same topic to the next editorial so you can have some tips to be safe from these people!  Have a blessed time and good luck for your spiritual journey! 

Rajitha Viduransi | Kelaniya, Sri Lanka