To see what nirvana is...

September 2011 edition

To see what nirvana is...

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Explaining one deep point of dhamma through a simple simile. Grab the meaning with an open mind and apply to your life to enlighten it.

Suppose you met a person who doesn’t know what moon is. And at the night you are pointing your finger at the moon to show him what moon is. You are thinking that other person is looking at the moon… but what if that one is looking at your finger? That person mistaken the finger as the moon. In such occasion that one loses not only the moon but the finger too.

Also fails to recognize the light & darkness as he mistaken solid matter of the finger for the bright nature of the moon, so he / she doesn't understand the 2 natures of light & darkness too.

This is happening to us when we listen to the dhamma with the conditioned mind. When the mind is conditioned, what you hear is also get effected and become conditioned as well.   Result is that we fails to obtain the true nature of Dhamma. When one fails realize the true nature of dhamma the result of knowing dhamma also fails and there will be no proper results.

When you able to understand the Dhamma with its true nature the enlightenment won't be so far from you!! So try not to have a conditioned mind when you listen or read to the dhamma. Actually this is applicable for everything in your life.   Try to see the things as it is … not the way you want them to see… you will then realize that many of the problems you believed to have in your life are no more a problem.

May triple gem bless you all for the best!!

Rajitha Viduransi | Kelaniya, Sri Lanka

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