Which one you will feed?

January 2020 edition

Which one you will feed?

Article summary

Blessings for a blessed year ahead for all of you! There is this story which I heard from a movie, and as far as I know it’s a famous quote too. So, I thought it would be a nice one to share with you all to begin the new year 2020.

The story is like this;

“There are two wolves and they are always fighting.  One is darkness & despair.  The other is light & hope.  Which wolf wins?” 

Can you guess the answer please? Yes, the answer would be;

“Which ever one you feed”.

So, this is a nice question for you to begin this new year ahead.  Which wolf you are going to feed in this year ahead?  The one who darkness & despair or the one who light & hope? Which one you fed last year? And what was the result you achieved my dear friends?

In every day of this year you are getting a chance to feed these wolves.  In every moment you will have to make the decision of feeding the wolfs. 

The dark wolf is filled with anger, jealousy, hatred, agony, arrogance, ego and so & so… the more you feed this wolf the more it gets powerful & energetic. 
The other wolf is light… filled with love, compassion, generosity, peace & happiness.  The more you feed this wolf the more it gets powerful & energetic. 

End of the day you will get the results according to the choice you made.  According to the one you fed. 

And always remember you can’t blame anyone else or anything outsider for the choice you made.  The decision was all yours. 

So, hope you will make a wiser decision in this year and you will gain the results accordingly for sure. 

Have a blessed year ahead by feeding the correct wolf my dear friends!

Rajitha Viduransi | Kelaniya, Sri Lanka