Recognize what’s in your religion

September 2012 edition

Recognize what’s in your religion

Article summary

Nirvana Dhamma is not forgetting to take the chance to remind the world, about the responsibility of a religion. And the duty of a real follower. Because the world is becoming the worst place for living just because of not recognizing the religion & the real responsibility of its followers. This is another reminder for those who believe that they are true followers of god while being the agents of demons.

A religion is to; get rid from evil and to be good & gain betterment to one's life.  But unfortunately in present days the “Religion” itself become the most evil thing for most of the beings. Everyone just try to increase the number of followers of their own religion and NOT bother to concentrate on what their own religion is trying say. Let’s talk a bit about the issue to find a solution…

According to the Dhamma / Science of Samma Sambuddha, the problem and the solution is visible as clear as crystal. But again unfortunately, not everyone is wise enough to realize or understand that science. But the most unfortunate fact is most of the people doesn't even wise enough to understand their own religion which is giving instruction to be a good being in simple manner.

According to most of the people, a real follower is who do follow the scriptures as it is without changing a word on it. Also to increase the number of people who read these scriptures or go to the places where they gather to follow their religion or worship their teacher or fight for their religion. This is what most of them believe as the duty of a real follower, and never bother to understand what their wise teachers have told them. They follow the scriptures one to one but misses the noble points, pointed out from their noble teachers.

So what such people do; everyone say our scriptures are the best, our religion is the best, our teacher is the best, and our path is correct path to the true happiness. But no one actually not look in to what they say or do… Not even bother to find out whether they actually gain the real true happiness or not!

The extents of the view we have guide us to the suffering in that extent. We accept the fact that our religion or belief is the best and others are not and as long as we attach to that view we guide ourselves to do evil things to the other religions and other believes.

We think we behave according to our own religion. Also believe that we respect to the word of our religious teachers. But what we actually do is not following any religion at all. Just show off! Just self-praising that “I’m the true follower and so and so…”

So understand your own self!

At the end of the day you are the one gets cheated not the outer world! Not the God… Not the demon…

Good luck and may your god or teacher blesses you for the best while triple gem bless you to achieve the best!!!

Rajitha Viduransi | Kelaniya, Sri Lanka