The Fundamental Error

March 2021 edition

The Fundamental Error

Article summary

There is an error in the whole process of seeing, hearing, feeling and experiencing. Like a fundamental error that can't be fixed. Unaware of this error, all beings are descending into a deceptive program. We call it, the existence of Samsara!

Once a time the Samma Sambuddha, comes to this world.  The blessed one can guide us to see this fundamental error which cannot be grasped by the eyes, ears, tongue, nose, body and mind.  Whether it is God ... Brahmins ... Humans ... all these three worlds depend on lust, depends on form and depends on formlessness has this fundamental error and only the blessed one can guide for it.

When the error is pointed out, the wise man sees this error. But not with eyes or ears or tongue or nose or body or mind. By Wisdom ... It is through the senses of Shraddha (faith), Viriya (Vigor), Sati (Awareness) and Samadhi (Focus) which aided the Wisdom.  The wise one sees the effect of this error that cannot be corrected.  Disappoint with everything when ever he or she realize this fundamental error.  The wise one realizes how the eyes, the ears, the tongue, the nose, the body, the mind and the forms, the sounds, the smells, the tastes, the touches, and thoughts were deceived.  He / she realize every moment how much of an impact the error has.  And also sees that existence IS this error and that existence CAN NOT be formed without this error.

Every moment of wisdom sees this error... Disappointed at the results of this error…  when disappointed, detached with everything… when detached, liberation from everything… when liberated the wise one knows that liberated…. free from forming the reasons for existence every moment.  This is how the path flows!

So, the fundamental error can only be known from the pure Dhamma itself. Only someone who knows and understands the fundamental error can point this out. Even a person with conjecture does not feel the extent of this error as THIS IS THE fundamental error.

This is why many people are tempted to observe at the results of a fundamental error as THE fundamental error. Those faults are visible all the time and can be easily recognize even without the support of a Samma Sambuddha.  But the falseness of those methods is also visible to those who realize what the fundamental error is.

It is also important to consider whether or not the fundamental error has been correctly detected. If someone caught the fundamental error correctly, it is seen as an error that cannot be corrected. We see that Arahant fruit or Nibbana is NOT the correction of this error. The error is known as the error through wisdom.  And by realizing its severity, liberation arise.  The path is not to correct the error... it is to understand the connection between the error and the existence.

If you also feel like that Nibbana is a state of getting rid of all these defects and achieving some kind of comfort, then you should be wise enough to inquire deeper into the Dhamma. It is necessary to constantly listen to pure Buddhist teachings – pure Dhamma in order to see the faults of a result that has arisen because of a fundamental error.   

Without knowing the fundamental error one can not do this alone.  That is why Buddhist teachings always recommend listening first before jump in to the meditations.   

So be wise my dear friends, and good luck of finding THE FUNDAMENTAL ERROR of everything!

Rajitha Viduransi | Kelaniya, Sri Lanka