“Samma Sambuddha said...so why not me???"

March 2016 edition

“Samma Sambuddha said...so why not me???"

Article summary

This article is based on something which we should think deeply and understand well. I personally think this as a mistake which done by mostly the so call Buddhists in this world. The Samma Sambuddha’s teachings says that “intelligent one is who that identify their mistakes, faults and correct them for their benefits”.

So what is this mistake? Sometimes some says “Samma Sambuddha said like this… did like that… so why not me…” etc… so you might think what the mistake there is… There is nothing wrong about these kind of thinking… etc… Yes! There is nothing wrong about these kind of thinking unless you think like this…

“Samma Sambuddha said “Idiot, fool” to other people sometimes…. So why not me… I too can tell it you fool...”  “Samma Sambuddha didn't preach for this kind of foolish people then why not me…” “Samma Sambuddha said bad things about these kinds of people, “Samma Sambuddha insults such people then why not me…?”

Once I have seen something terrible like this that, “Samma Sambuddha took action to protect his kind who “Shakya” (Prince Siddhartha’s race) generation … so we should also, must take action to protect our kind…”

And then I have seen something like “Samma Sambuddha didn't allow other religions to build their temples next to Buddhist monastery… so why should we…?”

Etc… etc… so 99.9999999999% times we use this phrase “Samma Sambuddha said, did…” as a slogan to fulfill our own desires, hatred & ignorance. So if you are one of them who use this phrase as a slogan thinks what you going to say next… if your slogan can be change into something like this…

“Samma Sambuddha ceased all kind of desires… then why not me?”…. “Samma Sambuddha ceased all kind of hatred... then why not me?”…. “Samma Sambuddha ceased all kind of ignorance… all kind of suffering… then what’s wrong if I do the same?”

If your slogan changed to something as above, it will guide you to realize pure happiness in each moment & peace in mind.

So if you really like to use this as a slogan use it wisely and act accordingly…. “Samma Sambuddha ceased desires, hatred, ignorance & all kind of suffering … and why not me?” So may triple gem bless you for the best and always remember "The one who sees Dhamma sees the Samma Sambuddha"!!!

Rajitha Viduransi | Kelaniya, Sri Lanka