Zombie world!

October 2020 edition

Zombie world!

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This is definitely something we all inherit… Something that exists within… Not only that, it is something visible around us… From child to the elders everyone experiences this anytime… but still many doesn’t like this… by knowing it yet pretend to be not know… by seeing it yet pretend to be not seeing… hate to be get reminded & of course hate to meet those who remind it… A wonderful SIGN! Are you aware? See whether you have seen this SIGN!

What else left to do with a dead corpse to die again?

How to kill again, someone already dead?

Until one knows that, inheritance is only “The death”,

Efforts of keeping the "dead" alive, goes on!!!

Only one name is inherited,

Just because one doesn’t know that,

Corpse” got many names…

And act according to the belief…

Because of “Unawareness”,

the corpse believes of its value…

To the zombies who lives in the world of the dead,

"Unawareness" is the worst bond...

But what unfortunate is,

They are not ready to be aware…

Awareness has no value to the dead ...

The corpse is busy...

Busy by keeping the "dead" alive!!!

Every second spent in a world of the dead,

What good may bring for a walking corpse?

But "Unawareness" is THE CURSE!

As long as THE CURSE is there,

There is no escape from the Zombie world! 


The corpse who realizes "unawareness”,

makes effort to gets rid of the zombie world

immediately, with no delay!!!

The corpse who believes in “THE CURSE”

Oops! Sorry for “IT’S TOO LATE”!!!

Inspired from the word of The blessed one - The Samma Sambuddha! 

Appamādo amatapadaṃ, pamādo maccuno padaṃ - Appamattā na mīyanti, ye pamattā yathā matā.

Being NOT delay to get aware of the truth through dhamma is the cause of deathless state.  If someone is getting delayed to be aware of the truth, that unawareness leads him to the state of the dead.

Those who immediately take action to be aware about the ultimate truth do not die and successfully get rid of the zombie world.  But those who are delayed and no hurry to be aware are as equal to the dead who walks.  

Evaṃ visesato ñatvā, appamādamhi paṇḍitā - Appamāde pamodanti, ariyānaṃ gocare ratā.

The wise understand this value of being hurried rejoice in immediacy. And they follow the path of noble one, which transcend the world of the dead, which are beyond death.  The wise constantly associate the noble dhamma and work to get rid of death.

In The Pali Canon - Tripitaka > Sutta Pitaka > Khuddakanikāya > Dhammapada > Appamādavagga

Rajitha Viduransi | Kelaniya, Sri Lanka