Stop feeding pile of dungs to yourself!

June 2015 edition

Stop feeding pile of dungs to yourself!

Article summary

This article is based on our relationship with the media and how it is spoiling our mind without giving any excuses. Let’s discuss whether it is suitable to burn through something useless…

When we think about news or other media which publish day to day activities, most of the time they publish or present the evil side of people. Simply promoting the evilness not the goodness. If they promote goodness by chance it is surely a little when compared to the rest of the news regards on evilness.

They give importance to murders, stealing, rape cases, robberies, filthy words, fights, war, lying, demands... etc… etc… If you watch news or newspapers you can notice that most of the time headlines are based on such evil activities or something related to them.

They do their job… publishing or presenting the pile of dung of the day… what matter is to you how you accept that pile of dung as a gift for the day. Most of the time at early morning instead of looking around the peaceful environment you have, you concentrate on watching or reading news. So what will happen to your mind? It behaves according to the way you serve it in the early morning. Do you think you give nutritious foods to your mind at early morning?

When the pile of dungs are given as the food you too have to behave like a worm of those pile of dung or flies around it. Do you think it’s a good thing that you are doing for yourself?

Each news shows bunch of people who complain with the current situation and they show that they never know the meaning of the word call “ENOUGH”… not any satisfaction at all… All of them do all kind of activities for demand what they want… we need this we need that… etc…No satisfaction at all!

Basically all the media giving importance to these kind of activities and present you with the all the possible ingredients to burn in inside.

As an example they will show you one of the protests happens in Sri Lanka and will give you the impression of Sri Lanka as a country which have lots of fighting, protest etc… but when you come and experience the country’s actual environment, you find mostly the peace and friendly atmosphere.

It’s not only for Sri Lanka. It can be to your country… your village or city… or it can be your own life event.

So be wise! Experience and be alert on the actual situation happens in your own mind. The outside events can cheat you in many ways. To observe the truth first know about the truth and then learn to experience it as it is.

Instead of promoting the evilness and bad qualities of others try by promoting the good things. People love to make them popular. The more you promote bad things and the people who done evil things by thinking that it’s a good punishment for them, instead they energize through the publicity and will encourage to do more evil things.

So do good… promote good… no matter how tiny act it is!

Rajitha Viduransi | Kelaniya, Sri Lanka