The Eternal Truth

  11 December 2022

Article summary

So, now you know why we can’t just divide the truth just into two categories. That will not support us to identify the difference between the so-called truths and one & only “THE ETERNAL TRUTH”.

Buddhism is all about THE ETERNAL TRUTH.  That’s why it is called as The Noble Truth / The Eternal Ultimate Truth / The Arya Satya.  It’s not just to make it special teaching or to make the teacher special.  It is indeed about THE ETERNAL, ULTIMATE TRUTH.  But those who are stuck on identifying the truth through the 6 senses believe Buddhism also as just another teaching about 6 senses. 

But it is not.  It’s not that simple.  That’s why A Samma SamBuddha identified as a unique and special teacher and Buddhist teachings are rare and very difficult to understand or realize.   If it is just another teaching about “the absolute truth”, the Buddhism won’t be so special.

In fact, that’s why other philosophers or other followers of “absolute truth” level of teachings, always complain “why Buddhism should be so special while it is also about the same teaching as ours”.  Or some followers claim that “We don’t have to fight or argue by making Buddhism so special as Buddhism also a philosophy like other deep philosophical teachings and Lord Buddha also like a scientist or another philosopher who revealed false of “Relative / Conventional Truth”.

One becomes A Samma SamBuddha to break the curse of these lie of so-called truths which we are trapped for eons.  Only the blessed one can guide us to see how a lie construct as the truth.  In another way, how the relative truth & absolute truth constructs and traps us in an existence which can experience or identify through 6 senses.   That’s why it is known as THE NOBLE TRUTH / ARYA SATYA.  Only a Samma SamBuddha can show us, how we are trapped in two types of truths by believing them as the eternal truths.  Let’s discuss how it is possible through another explanation. 

Buddhist teachings are an explanation about The Ultimate Eternal Truth.  The noble truth is not understandable by the 6 senses. That’s where many get confused. And, in here, I’m not going to explain how’s that possible or anything.

In here, I’m just trying to point out the difference between the truth we believe as the truth and the one & only eternal truth.  In here, I’m also trying to point out the depth we should seek as a truth seeker.