The Magician

Using your talents & capabilities to serve the others is the real magic… bringing a smile to another being and make them feels good through your talents is the real magic… without conditions… without complaints… without hidden schedules… serving others is the real magic… we have such a magician in this project too… and his magic is powerful enough to bring the outcome directly to the heart…

The Magician

  30 September 2015

Suranga Rupasinghe is the back born of this web site...  As you know without a proper web designer I won't be able to give you such a nice web site with user friendly facilities.  I call him "Merlin" as he is so quick on giving me the best output for the requests I made for this web site.  

His interest on Dhamma made a huge contribution to this site and mainly he is responsible for the designing, hosting & other all kind of web site related technical things including the expenses of them. 

I like to promote these kind of people because of their kindness & fondness to support Dhamma activities with their level best.  Suranga currently lives in UK & he is all yours to contact and get his professional services or more details on him.

This is his web site -

Even though he does not like promoting himself, I must say that he is the back born for the "Nirvana Dhamma" web site.  And of course the magician behind the tranquility which brings through the look of this web site.    Without him I won't be able to give you the contents according to my wishes. 

He is such a supportive person in all the possible ways and I'm writing this to show my gratitude towards to him for everything he has done & still doing for the web site!  Let's spread our blessings towards him!  May triple gem bless him & his family for the best!!!