Dhamma for Western Province

"Ahanna (listen) Nirvana Dhamma" for Western Province

Our second set of programs started for Western Province as it is the base of "Nirvana Dhamma" founders.  There are 3 main district for Western Province too.  Colombo, Gampaha & Kaluthara.  Up to now we are taking turns and kept the programs at Colombo & Gampaha.  Main organizations in these district support us to arrange the event as now they are so keen on the event.  We held programs months after months according to the availability.

From 2017 onward we are planing to held the Maradana, Colombo program in every month as it will be a huge support to the deaf community to know more and change their lives accordingly when they get something to know as a continuous program in one place.  In this section you can know all about our programs and some captured moments & videos of the events.  

May this effort of ours heal more & more hearts in the world!