Wise Listening

I have no limitation to listen to the pure dhamma where ever I find them. I don't care who is the person or other related stories. The ability to listen to the content with a unspoiled mind support me to accelerate the path of Nirvana as well as touch the deep pure teachings of Samma Sambuddha. Without attachments or without any conflicts I just listen to the dhamma... My request is for you all is the same... don't delay with a closed framed mind. Be open & feel the blessings. Have faith on Triple Gem!

Wise Listening

  01 January 2016

In this section you will find a mixed collection of Bhikkus in Sri Lanka. The collection is from most loved to most controversial. When I see the variety of this collection I personally felt happy as a listener. This a proof to my own self how independent I am with the speakers as a listener.

My first concern is “listening”. In fully focused… in fully concentration… I just listen with an empty mind. Then the essence of what I listened comes without any judgements through any kind of defilement. That essence itself activate on the result of what to accept or what to ignore without any kind of attachment like clinging or conflicts, love or hatred… etc.,

In this way you will not end up with just a bundle of data. In this way you will not end up with bundle of teachers. In this way you will end up with just pure Dhamma as your teacher.  

Nowadays, we can’t say anyone is 100% correct or 100% wrong. It’s totally depend with your wisdom how you use what you listen for the purpose of listening.

If your purpose of listening is to search your own self through enlightenment then the essence of dhamma will touch your heart deeply. No matter who preach it or how it preached or what the words used for it…

If you purpose is something else then you will end up with data… conflictions… arguments… debates… hatred… anger… attachment… clinging… teachers… etc…

2500 years ago Great Samma Sambuddha warned about the way and how we listen these days… The blessed one said the way we listen these days will be one cause of destruction of Noble dhamma & its noble achievements.

Because the foundation of noble path is based on “Listening”… if you fails to “listen” you will end up with building wrong structures on a weak foundation.

So be careful and take the “Nirvana Dhamma” as an opportunity to rethink about the way you approach to the noble deep pure dhamma!

Rajitha Viduransi | Kelaniya, Sri Lanka