Sandahiru Seya - Victory Stupa

“Generosity brings happiness at every stage of its expression. We experience joy in forming the intention to be generous. We experience joy in the actual act of giving something. And we experience joy in remembering the fact that we have given.”

Sandahiru Seya - Victory Stupa

  25 November 2014

'Sandahiru Seya' the “Victory Stupa” which is building with respect to all the people who died because of civil war happened in Sri Lanka for almost 30 years.  This Stupa is not just blessing the people who died as a friend but also spread the blessings to those who died as an enemy.  That’s the nobility in practice of real Buddhism.

The religious ceremony took place with the participation of over six thousand five hundred members of the Venerable Maha Sangha. Religious observances were held to invoke blessings for the placing of omnificent sacred relics.

This unique spiritual ceremony is being held in the country after many centuries as this is the first time a Stupa of this magnitude is being built in Sri Lanka since the time of ancient kings.

The omniscient sacred relics were placed in a special relic chamber built in the inner sanctum of the Pagoda. The sacred relics consecrate from five key temples were enshrined by the President in keeping with time held traditions, under the careful supervision of Maha Sangha. Relics will be deposited on a lotus flower made out of precious stone inside a solid golden replica of the Stupa which has embedded with precious gems.

The Stupa is being built at right opposite of the Anuradhapura Sri Sarananda Pirivena premises. The construction of the 279 feet Stupa requires 30 million bricks and 40,000 bags of cement. The extent of the Stupa will be 255 feet. The project commenced with the President's donation of Rs.25 million. Tri-Forces, Police and the Civil Defence Force personnel are involved in the construction of the mega Stupa.

The general public here and abroad has also contributed towards the construction of the Stupa as a mark of respect and gratitude to the sacrifices of the War Heroes.  Venerable members of the Maha Sangha, Hon. Prime Minister, Ministers, Governors, Parliamentarians, Chief of Defence Staff, tri-forces commanders, IGP, senior state and military officials and a large number of lay devotees were present at the occasion.

In the meantime, 16 sets of the Tripitaka inscribed into 16293 pages made out of gold which is weighing approximately four kilo grams and a hundred page Ven. Piruwana Tome was also enshrined together with the sacred relics.

The ceremony was remarkable and as an eye witness to this noble ceremony for about almost 2 weeks of time I truly feel blessed after experiencing the miraculous blessings spread to the whole universe.

The war is not acceptable in any angle.  But sometimes we have to go through this evil effects as a result of craving & hatred & mostly the ignorance of some people.  Samma Sambuddha explained even for the war reason as a duty if someone involve with the killing that person get the bad effect accordingly no matter what reason is.  BUT the most wonderful thing on this project is that the soldiers and all those who involved with this war get the chance to overcome their bad karma.

The forces which has done the most vicious civil war of the world by defeating the world’s deadliest terrorism got the perfect chance to do one of the world’s highest noble activity by collecting good karma & blessings.  The effect is not only for them obviously, but for the each & everyone including the humans whom lost their way in this journey and selected the terrorism.



There are special bunch of people whom support us to be there and for about 2 weeks of time and eye witness the whole process by participating loads of good deeds with loads of compassion.  So all gratitude towards to the Colonel Mohan Kumar, Lpt Colonel Dilantha, Colonel Mihidu Perera, Colonel Bandara, Major Rathnayaka, Major Suresh, Lpt Nalin, Lpt  Nalinda, Lpt Nevil, Lpt Wasantha, Capt., Milton, Lpt Deshapriya, Randelige and many other remarkable friends whom we met during the blessed period.   

Also lots of gratitude and special thanks goes to the Ven. Eppawala Sagarasumana himi for being a noble support throughout the journey by being a noble friend to all of us.  It was indeed a blessed time period where we met lots of noble Bhikkus who support us in various ways to accelerate the path of enlightenment.

Gayan & Niluka Gunarathna family, Nilusha & Ranathilaka family, Suranga & Samanthi Rupasinghe family, Udeesh Damitha, Kushan & families and many other friends who become a huge support by providing all the facilities to us to become a part of this noble event deserves the highest blessings from all what we have collected as blessings by doing & participating all the events during this period.

Thank you all again with loads of blessings towards all of you to achieve the noblest pleasure in this life itself!

This noble event is still a part of an ongoing project and we all have chance to be a part of it from the level best we can...

  •     You can donate a clay stone (special gadol) – ticket price is Rs. 100 for 2 clay stones
  •     You can donate a packet of cement – special price is Rs. 700 per packet
  •     You can donate or be a part of the granite stone which specially made for the outer level walls with Jathaka stories paintings – Rs. 400,000 per stone and Rs.20,000 per square foot
  •     You can donate or be a part of the stones which are specially made to fix in the outer levels in the pagoda – Rs 700 per square foot

You can use the below accounts to donate this noble project or you even can visit the place by yourself and be a part of it through your effort as well as from the donations. 

People Bank Head Office

Account numbers: 204 – 1 001 – 8 – 0004467 and 204 – 1 – 001 – 7 – 0004830

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