Theory of Fishing to Life

  04 May 2012

Imagine why a fish get in to trouble? Do you know the theory of fishing? If don’t, please Google it. So you will able to see what you need to have for fishing.  As far as I know, the rod and reel, line, a bobber and a hook doesn't enough for the fishing. The main part of the fishing is attaching a bait on to the hook.

Normally for fishing, live worms are used as the bait as they are fishes' favorite food. Or else something looks alive & attracts a fish to the hook…

What will happen, if you just put the hook without a bait? Do you think fish like steels or hooks for their meal? When you fixed live worm in the hook, or something looks alive as the bait, the fish can see its meal not the hook behind the meal.

The fish eats the worm not the hook. But unfortunately there is no worm without a hook… so fish has to face loads of pain & danger with the pleasure he seeks.

What if someday, fish got to know about this trap?

If he got to know that behind this bait, there is a huge danger & suffering available for him? Will he eat the bait? I don't think so… fish eats the baits just because fish is unaware about the truth behind this bait? Isn't it?

Let’s apply this to our lives to become our own saviors!!!