Are we Trapped?

Are we Trapped?

In all these pages we discussed about the emotions we ignored.  Also the some clues about the impermanency

Everything is impermanent! That we already know.  Everything is changing! That’s also we already know.  Then what’s going on with us?  If Buddhist teachings are all about the nature of “impermanent” why the results are not with us?  What we are still missing?  Then what is Buddhism is all about? 

We still didn’t come to the point of Buddhism.  We are still on the way to the core of Buddhism.  Go through the each page patiently.  It is important because you need to find out what you missed out all these years.  And what you misinterpreted all these years. 

You have noticed which brings us more pain while losing someone or something.  At the same time you may have noticed what brings you more peace.  So it is necessary to know the actual phenomena of this whole process.  Instead of knowing it directly it would be really interesting to understand this through some close activities around us. 


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