What bring YOU more Pain?

Through these few pages you have reminded yourself about the things which we can’t avoid in our lives no matter how hard we tried.  Even though these things are easy to notice around us, we are just ignoring them to please ourselves.  We don’t like to think about them because they are the visible truth in our lives which is obviously bit bitter.  But it is important to accept the bitter truth without ignoring them as they are supporting us to identify those hidden layers in our lives.

In this section we are going to dig little further to find out something very important. 

As most of you already know, Buddhism is commonly recognize as a teaching of impermanency.  It says pain or suffering arise because of the nature of impermanence.  Is this true?  Let’s find out… coz the deep Buddhist teachings are already begun to vanish by misinterpretation.  The pure Buddhism is disappearing and same time disciples are more confused with misinterpretations.  That’s why it is important to dig deep in to the core of everything from basics to the advance levels. 

It’s all about our own SELF! So find out the unnoticed reality in yourself through these examples.

This is how you can explore the path of true happiness step by step by knowing your very own mind. I won’t bored you by allowing you to read a lot. Instead let’s watch some moving clips to break the boredom & arise the insight.