Kasun Chandana

A humanity shines when human respect to each other and what they do… it’s even more sparkling when they support each other through their level best to enhance the quality of their own talents & hard work… I found such a generous personality who loved to share his wonderful creative activities to enhance the quality of my work… with gratitude towards to the wonderful human being…

Kasun Chandana

  01 August 2012

Kasun Chandana is a young man who serve the Sri Lankan Deaf community in each possible way. He also born with silent ears, yes he is deaf. But a wonderful being who doesn't count his deafness as a disability... I always respect the way he overcome the challenges in his life with support of his parents and now I find him as a stable person with an immense support to the whole deaf community in Sri Lanka.

Nirvana Dhamma Sign Language project is continuing with his full support and I always grateful for that. He believed in spiritual development highly and with that foundation he lighten up more of other lives too.

With years of experience on working together for the sake of well-being of others and walking together as spiritual friends with the intention of ceasing all kind of suffering in this life itself we have a strong trust build within each other.  

He truly is gifted with many talents and our blessings are always with him for his well-being! So with loads of gratitude towards to the great artist and talented friend, here I am creating this page to show how wonderful it is to have such generous beings around us!

Thank you dear friend & May triple gem bless you for the best!!!

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