Narender Mehta

A humanity shines when human respect to each other and what they do… it’s even more sparkling when they support each other through their level best to enhance the quality of their own talents & hard work… I found such a generous personality who loved to share his wonderful creative activities to enhance the quality of my work… with gratitude towards to the wonderful human being…

Narender Mehta

  01 July 2012

Narender Mehta is an artist from Gurgaon, Haryana.  He started his art journey from Govt. College of Arts, Chandigarh (India) in the year 1985 when he joined B.F.A. (Painting) under the guidance of famous artists Sh. Raj Jain, Sh. Viren Tanwar & Sh. Braham Prakash.

I came across his beautiful painting collection of Lord Buddha (the Great Samma Sambuddha) through the Face Book.  They were unique and when I asked him about using his great work for my Dhamma sharing activities, he has given his permission without any hesitation at all. 

So with loads of gratitude towards to the great artist and the wonderful human being, here I am creating this page to show how blessed we feel to have such kind human beings around us!

Thank you dear friend & May triple gem bless you for the best!!!

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