Day Dreaming

As we discussed through out the pages, hope you realized that we can't observe the each single movements in reality.  We just experience a collection of past movements as a memory.  We actually don't want to examine what's happening with our own self.  May be we DON'T observe or we DON'T WANT to observe the things as they are. 

Firstly we don't want to, because we are satisfied with the, so call reality we already observe and we are happy with the pleasure we gain. Basically you & I are like dreaming.  We are looking for a solution only when we get in to trouble in this dream only.  So, we dream all throughout our lives and looking for the solutions in that dream world.  

And yes, we call it our life!   For these kinds of people the truth is far away and we can say that they CAN'T observe the moments.  That's why you need a proper reason to be in touch with pure Buddhist teachings.  If you don't have a reason, you will get bored and yes, you don't be able to capture any of these from your own!  So, go back find your own reason, if you still don't have one!

Those who had a reason... and those who are having a reason, decide to awake by knowing that they are dreaming.  For them it's just matter of realization of the things as they are! 

The awareness means in another word the true observation or applying what we have understood about this so call reality in every second to observe the things as they are.   Meditation means being aware of the dream and awakening the mind to see the things as the way they truly are  through the wisdom!