Dream or Awaken

Normally we see the world according to our own view.  Observation is varying to the person to person.  Everyone's observing the world from their own unique way.

As an example;

For a fighter this world is a battle field and he / she will find loads of reasons to be fight. 

For an artist this world is such a beautiful art and he / she will use that for the maximum.


For an spiritually developed person this world is such calm & quite place where there is no reason to attach or hatred or fight. 

You already know how it happened.  This is why some people like something and some people don't like the same thing. 

Everyone's choices are different.  This is why there are 84,000 ways explored by Samma Sambuddha to cease this world according to our own patterns of seeing the world. 

The outer world is just providing the objects.  We are the one who make decision whether to make them our world or not.  If our decision is not to make any of these our world there is no world for us to attach or suffer. 

It's simple but simplicity is always complicated for the beings who are depending on the complicated things.  So, we feels like "not that simple to understand this" The illusion is playing a major part of our lives so highly. 

This is why we need to understand the dream world / the illusion to get rid from the illusion / dream world.  That's why I am sharing all these explanation to give an idea about the illusory world & its behaviors so you have some points to think about and make your own decision to awake or continue dreaming.  At the end of the day it's all your decision!