Dream Walk

These pictures show the moments of our legs while we walk.  Observe & examine them with your own walking experience! 

We make one step at a time.  Actually it is not even a one step.  As you can see there are many movements available for even in a single step.  But when we see someone walk, we can't observe all these little movements.  So we say that person or our self is walking. 

Sometimes we even attach to the walking style of some people.  But the fact is they are not walking in reality.  They just make a movement in an instant and collection of such movements we identify as a one act.  After that only we happen to attach or conflicts or be neutralize with them. 

Observe the below picture carefully to understand the illusion we see. It is just like we seeing a fire ring or fan while working.  Things happen so fast and we are not aware of that.  So we believe what we see or sense is the real.  It's truly like we are dealing with a dream world which created by our own self.

The point is you & I always dealing with the past.  We attach or conflict with the past movements which are already passed through & just like a dream world.  But we believe it is happening in present & happening for real.  It's happening because we CAN'T observe the movements, or we DON'T observe or we DON'T WANT to observe the things as they are.  But there are lot to explore within.  You don't have to accept or believe.  These will discuss further in many other dhamma sections!  Until then keep observe!  Be aware!  

Here you get summarized story of the dream walk of ours!