Let's talk

  01 February 2013

So what we should talk if we like to gain pure happiness?  Yes we should talk about the importance of having lesser desires, needs to our lives.  People talk about politics, basics needs and all the other subjects just because of the desires. 

When we desire for more & more pleasure, we feels like talking about politics and how they support to fulfill our desires.  When the government is not supportive enough we feel hatred and other stress… all these because our needs are so high.  We expect a lot… and we simply hope for more & more pleasure.  So when things are not according to the way we desire, all the sufferings and sicknesses coming to our mind.  And we blame to the government or outer world. 

But the problem is with us.  This is why we should think & discuss about how helpful and valuable it is to have lesser desires, needs.  Even the basic needs turns to very basic it is so easy live.  No worries about losing things… no worries about thieves… no worries about politics… imagine a life of a monk.  If the monk is in the correct path he / she not even worries about the basic needs a lot.  Because if someone give foods that ok if not gets he / she has the faith on the path he / she follows and even learn to survive for days, weeks … The Achariya Mun great Arihat and the disciples of him are good examples. 

Imagine the rain… whether you like it or not rain is happening.  So what you do?  Do you try to stop the rain?  No, because you know that you can't.  What you do is take an umbrella or raincoat or whatever an object which can save you from the rain.  That's how you survive from the rain without a trouble. 

Likewise think about everything around you as rain or something not in your control.  Then like you take an umbrella or raincoat you carve your mind and same time fulfill what is basic to keep you protect from such situation.  This way you can have a peaceful life with no stress at all.  That's why talking / discussing about lesser needs and living with lesser desires are important.