No chit chatting!

  01 February 2013

Then discuss about happiness. What is the happiness which really brings happiness to us?  Worldly things or people can't bring us happiness.  Our beloved ones bring us temporarily happiness and more suffering.  Because we attach to them… we desire for them.  So we should talk about the real happiness which comes from non-attachments and lesser desires. 

Then what is the relaxation we should talk about?  Is it the relaxation which we gain through going a family trip or some another vacation?  No, it is the relaxation which comes from the non-attachments and lesser desires. 

It's the relaxation of giving up / letting go the 2 extremes which our mind always into.  It's the relaxation comes from realization.  We should discuss about them and we should practice our mind to gain them to our lives. 

And the more we talk about these things, the more we practice, because to discuss something we should have experience of these things.  Then we guide ourselves to non-attachments.  We start vigor and we discuss about starting vigor.

These discussions guide us to become a virtuous being and we can talk about the topic of virtue now.  Likewise the more we talk  about mindfulness or about wisdom or about liberation or about knowledge & wise visions of liberation the more we practice.  Because to discuss anything we should have experience them. 

Then the ultimate result of liberation from all kind of suffering arises within us.  This is how the topics which speak are guiding us to the restlessness or to peacefulness, or to true happiness or to ultimate sufferings. 

So be wise and be on alert… Be aware of what you talk…  And become your own savior! Good luck and may triple gem bless you for the best!